WWE Selling Pay Per View Rights Possibly Dropping WWE Network Access

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It is no secret that WWE are interested in moving at least some of their Pay Per View (PPV) events off to another service. Right now, for $9.99 a month fans can enjoy all the PPV’s that WWE puts on each year, and many specials only on the WWE Network. This could change soon as it has been made clear by Vince McMahon that they are in talks with other services to host WWE Pay Per View events.

WWE knows how to make money

Whether you view it as a good thing or not, WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia has certainly sent an influx of cash into the company. It is believed that the deal with the Saudi’s is worth about $450 million over 10 years (about $45 million per year for two shows each year).

In contrast, the Khan family have reportedly invested $100 million to get All Elite Wrestling (AEW) started. WWE makes nearly that much from the Saudi agreement in just two years, not counting income from other ventures.

The Network is key

For $10 a month fans can get access to a huge backlog of WWE shows and new original programming, such as Ride Along among many others. There is also a generous 30 day free trial period at a time when most streaming services have shortened theirs to seven days.

Mid 2018 the subscriber base for the WWE Network was approximately 2.1 million subscribers. That is counting “free trial” members too though. Even if half those subscribers were the only ones paying that is still $10 million a month from the service.

WWE, via their network, know exactly how powerful streaming can be. That is probably why they have decided to fish out at least some of their Pay Per View events to other services. Money is money after all.

Ramifications of such a deal

Wrestling News is reporting that a deal could be in the works with Amazon for the rights to the “Big Four” WWE PPV’s. That could mean Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and Royal Rumble would all move to a new streaming service.

How this could potentially cause a drop in WWE Network subscribers is still in the air. It is also up in the air if WWE would produce anything exclusively for the WWE Network during the months those events occur.

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