Star Goes Off Script on Show Without Scripts, Identity of Fan Attacker Revealed

AEW Fan attacks MJF

AEW star goes off script at an All Elite Wrestling event. Maybe you have seen it, maybe not, but recently a “fan” attacked All Elite Wrestling (AEW) stars MJF and Wardlow. The call to action for this event was the fact that Cody Rhodes took 10 lashes with a cane from MJF. This happened on the February 5th, 2020 episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite on TNT. For the last several days it was speculated, and passed around the wrestling world like candy, that AEW stars are so over with fans that fans are willing to fight for their favorites. Think again.

Fans need to take a breath before blasting memes

When AEW was developing it was made clear that their programming would not feature scripts. Fans would get closer to the wrestlers themselves rather than the over produced product that WWE allegedly produces.

Such as the fan attacking MJF and Wardlow. This “fan” turns out to be Frankie Kazarian as reported by Wrestling Observer Radio’s Bryan Alvarez.

Alvarez explains, “…Yes, it was Kazarian…it wasn’t even planned.” The full quote is available on Ringside News. To watch the attack, head over to Twitter.

Well, considering All Elite Wrestling claims to not have scripts it is going to be interesting what consequences that Kazarian will face. At the time of this writing there has been nothing officially stated on the situation, so this is speculation.

If wrestling has taught me anything over the several decades, I have watched it, we are likely to see an uneasy partnership between Kazarian and Cody Rhodes. This mashup team will take on MJF and Wardlow in some matches. This will probably be used to break up the series of matches currently planned for Cody who is expected to take on Wardlow for a chance to fight MJF soon after.

AEW is still wrestling

For all their hype about not having scripts they are still following unwritten rules of the industry. The situation with Kazarian is just one example – he may not have notified anyone, and no one told him to do it, but the fact remains, it was not a true fan doing the attacking. Had it been, arrests would have been made. When a wrestling star goes off script it better be good for fans because it could be bad for the athlete.

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