All Elite Wrestling Action Figures Announced

AEW action figures

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) are looking to expand their merchandise options for fans by teaming with Jazwares. These action figures will feature an alleged 25 points of articulation, scanned likenesses and various accessories and authentic ring wear. Currently known as the AEW Unrivaled these figures will launch this fall in several waves.



Le Champion leads the charge

Among the first action figures we will see are Chris Jericho with AEW Championship belt, The Young Bucks, Cody, Jon Moxley, and Kenny Omega. Following waves will expand with other AEW athletes such as MJF, Darby Allin (might include skateboard, maybe), Dr. Britt Baker (no word on if any dentistry accessories will be included), Brandi Rhodes, and many others.

There are also plans to release a ring for fans to recreate their favorite matches in, further accessories, and more.

Collectors, and scalpers, get ready

According to Jazwares will be making use of a popular, if not annoying to many fans, method of “chase” and other variants mixed into the line. This makes collecting a little harder as fans will be forced to purchase additional figures that feature minimal differences. Collectors know this tactic – selling more figures.

This idea is something that sparks a lot of vocal response from fans often. It does increase the sales of the figures as collectors will want every toy while scalpers will want them too but for different reasons.

Launch day is critical

Fans can expect to start seeing All Elite Wrestling Unrivaled action figures on shelves this fall (around August).

Jazwares will have many of the figures on display at the Toy Fair in New York, February 22nd to the 26th. If you are able to attend then you can see these figures first hand and in person.

Until then, grab your favorite wrestling merch on eBay and Amazon then stay positive that you can beat scalpers to these AEW figures.

For more on Jazwares, check out their website.

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