Self-High Five Happy Birthday Diamond Dallas Page – April 5th, 1956 – Today in Wrestling History

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Diamond Dallas Page is one of those rare wrestling success stories. Having begun his in-ring career at the age of 35, Page would have an uphill battle ahead of him. He was born on April 5th, 1956 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and named Page Joseph Falkinburg. Page’s early years were spent as a manager in the American Wrestling Association while running a nightclub in Florida.


Early days spent outside the ring

Early on Diamond Dallas Page was a manager, not exactly known for their in-ring activities. This phase would eventually come to an end for Page but for three years, he was mainly known for talking.

Maybe you will recognize some of the names he managed in the AWA. Curt Hennig, Medusa, Pat Tanaka, and others. Page was involved in the careers of many an athlete that would make splash later.

Here in the AWA is where the “Diamond Dolls” gimmick would debut.

Diamond Dallas Page enters the ring

For me, and I am sure many reading this, Diamond Dallas Page started in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). I am wrong because his in-ring career starter prior to this period. While he would make a name for himself on the Turner owned platform, his first wrestling match was a couple years prior. Page made his in-ring debut against Dick Slater in Professional Wrestling Federation (PWF), formerly known as Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in 1989.

Page would transition to WCW in 1991 where he would work as a manager for The Fabulous Freebirds. Later Page would make his in-ring wrestling debut with WCW later in 1991. This move to in-ring action was a necessity as being only a manager was simply not viable for Page any longer.

Yesterday, Today, Forever Diamond Dallas Page

Today Page is known for his DDP Yoga and as a motivational speaker. The man has done a lot with a wrestling career that started later than many retired from the ring at. He has worked with many athletes via DDP Yoga to improve their lives.

All around, Page simply rocks and wrestling is a better place because of people like him. WCW may be gone but it is not forgotten.

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