Wrestlemania VIII Heavyweight Title Become Midcard – April 5th 1992 – Today in Wrestling History

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For many of us Wrestlemania VIII is one of the few Wrestlemania cards that featured the World Heavyweight Title as a midcard title. Yep, this was one of the few “grandest stage of them all” events that didn’t feature the top championship in the main event. This was billed as a “double main event” as things were personal between Randy Savage (RIP) and Ric Flair over personal events concerning Miss Elizabeth (RIP).

The complete Wrestlemania VIII card:

The Bushwhackers took on the Beverly Brothers (dark match)

Shawn Michaels versus El Matador

The Undertaker wrestled Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Bret Hart took on Roddy Piper (Intercontinental Champion)

Big Boss Man & Jim Duggan & Sergeant Slaughter & Virgil took on the team of The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) & Repo Man & The Mountie in an 8-person tag match

Randy Savage (RIP) took on Ric Flair (WWF World Heavyweight Champion) in a seriously personal match

Tatanka wrestled Rick Martel

The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) took on Irwin R. Schyster & Ted DiBiase (WWF Tag Team Champions)

Owen Hart (RIP) wrestled Skinner

In the main event for the night fans saw Hulk Hogan wrestle Sid Justice.

What to watch

For most of us this event was really about the culmination of the Savage/Flair storyline that was getting quite personal. The trust and faith Miss Elizabeth were called into question repeatedly by Flair. We saw many compromising pics and video clips casting shadow on the relationship of Randy/Elizabeth. It was not looking good at all.

Ric Flair was obviously playing up his “high dollar” lifestyle in these vignettes. He was using Miss Elizabeth as a prop to get under the skin of his opponent. This worked quite well as leading up to this match we could see Savage getting more and more “unhinged” as if the man had another gear to grab in that regard.

Wrestlemania VIII was played up quite well with just this one storyline culminating.

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