Revival Tag Team Potentially All Elite Wrestling Bound

Revival WWE Smackdown Tag Champs

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been picking and choosing athletes since before officially being launched. This continued after the company got a television deal with TNT. Most recently rumors are saying it will continue with The Revival. This tag team was given “immediate release” from their WWE contracts. Many fans are pointing to AEW as the future home of The Revival. I think otherwise.

Current world problems

It is no secret that the world is being ravaged by the Coronavirus, AKA Covid-19, right now. States are shutting down any non-essential operations and limiting gatherings. Both WWE and AEW pre-recorded a lot of content in preparation for this.

We all hope that the virus is under control sooner than later. Wrestling has been hit hard because crowds are so integral to the show.

Most companies have suspended operations for the foreseeable future. There are rumors that WWE will resume recording new content soon though.

This means The Revival have no other promotions to work for right now.

Future of The Revival tag team

Considering the virus situation the world is experiencing, nothing is running. WWE is operating with extreme skeleton crews to record what they can. AEW is doing a similar thing – though I don’t know how much content they have recorded already.

This pre-recorded content could put the debut of the Revival tag team off quite a bit. If at all.

I figure the tag team will do what many others have done when leaving WWE. They will probably go on a “tour” of sorts. Belt collecting is another term for it.

Working for many other companies, just enjoying their work and building their characters along the way. The ones that did this to great effect in improving their worth were the Hardy Boyz (Matt recently debuting on AEW TV).

Will The Revival debut on All Elite Wrestling television immediately? Or do you think they will do some collecting prior? Tell us in the comments.

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