Fabulous Freebird Terry Gordy Born Today – April 23rd, 1961 – Today in Wrestling History

Terry Gordy Fabulous Freebird

If you do not know who Terry Gordy is then I must ask, do you really watch wrestling? Born Terry Ray Gordy, the world probably knows him better as a Fabulous Freebird. While he won multiple tag team championships, and even created at least one, as a Freebird, there is more to Gordy’s career.

Terry Gordy and the Fabulous Freebirds

Early on in Terry Gordy’s career he wrestled as Terry Mecca for International Wrestling Alliance out of Ohio. He would hone his skill set here, eventually changing to his legal name and joining Michael Hayes. This was the first steps to the Fabulous Freebirds tag team coming to life.

The Fabulous Freebirds officially became a team in Memphis CWA Wrestling. They also found a third member, Buddy Roberts, at the behest of promotion owner Bill Watts. Their big feud here was with Jerry Lawler (current Championship Wrestling of Arkansas Champion) and Bill Dundee. Later Jimmy Garvin would join the group replacing Roberts.

The Freebird Rule

If you are a fan of modern day wrestling you may have heard mention of “The Freebird Rule”. This has mostly been brought up with The New Day in WWE, specifically their cereal – Booty O’s.

Most tag team championships are two-man belts. World Class Championship Wrestling, for a short period, offered a six-man tag team championship.

When the Fabulous Freebirds performed in a promotion they would often feature three members. Even when challenging for, or defending, the tag team championships, the Freebirds would swap members. This was a move that was mean to keep their opponents off guard. Looking at it on the surface, it is an ingenious thing to do. Any combination of the three men would wrestling, the third often at ringside to interfere as needed.

Posthumous accolades

Terry Gordy lost his battle with a heart attack at the age of 40 years old. He was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and passed away in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee. His son, Ray Gordy, wrestled for a brief period with WWE. His daughter, Miranda, currently wrestles on the independent circuit. I was able to catch one of her matches in early 2020 here in Arkansas.

Gordy has been inducted into the Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2014. Later that year he was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum. In April 2016 he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as one of the Fabulous Freebirds – his son Ray handled the induction duties.

The old saying, “they don’t make them like they used to” is very true with Terry Gordy. Watch some of his matches and check out just how tough this man was. He was a powerful force in wrestling. We have many other birthdays available – maybe you share one with a wrestling superstar!

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What are your favorite wrestling moments with Terry Gordy, or the Fabulous Freebirds? Let us know in the comments below.

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