RetroMania Wrestling Adds New NWA Challenger

RetroMania Wrestling Nikita Koloff Joins

If you are not familiar with RetroMania Wrestling, then please allow us to introduce you. This is being billed as a sequel to an arcade game from the early 1990’s. The art style is decidedly “retro” but the content is modern. It seems like every week or so we are getting a new challenger announcement. The latest is a National Wrestling Alliance Hall of Famer.



Good wrestling games are rare

As of this writing the world is going through the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. This has caused a lot of setbacks in the world, not only wrestling. The gaming side of this sport has been severely hit or miss over the years. Even the WWE 2K games are a mixed bag each year. WWE 2K20 seemingly being one of the worst releases yet.

Games based on wrestling have attempted the “legends” angle in the past. Legends of Wrestling I and II were decent games. Over the years, as Downloadable Content (DLC) became more accepted, more legends have appeared in games after release.

RetroMania Wrestling aims to take that angle and create a new, retro inspired, game around it. This is where I think Retrosoft Studios are on the right track. They are also basing the game on the classic arcade game, Wrestlefest.

Currently there are no arcade wrestling games available. What gamers have gotten are more “simulations” than just action focused fun. Again, Retrosoft Studios are on the right track here.

RetroMania Wrestling features many legends already

Let me know if you recognize any of these names. Road Warriors/Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal), Tommy Dreamer, Blue Meanie, Austin Idol, and Nick Aldis.

Add one more to those, and many more (a certain rocking tag team is rumored to be joining).

“Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff.

Yep, NWA Hall of Famer, former United States Champion, former Six-Man tag team champion, and many more accolades. That man is now coming to RetroMania Wrestling and is ready to absolutely destroy the competition.

Nikita Koloff dream matches

Another cool thing about games like RetroMania Wrestling (and Legends of Wrestling among others) is dream matches. Sure, Tommy Dreamer came along after the days of Koloff. That is fact. What is not fact though is just who would come out on top in a match between the two? What about Koloff’s style versus that of Nick Aldis? Want a brawl then pit Koloff against one of the Road Warriors. See how many options there are?

If you are putting RetroMania Wrestling on your list of games to get then we have links for you. You can put RetroMania on your Steam wishlist, or pre-order it (deluxe edition has bonuses). You can also pre-order the Nintendo Switch version (as well as a deluxe edition).

RetroMania Wrestling will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Due to how Sony and Microsoft, respectively, handle game sales, there is no pre-order option available. If you don’t want to wait for RetroMania Wrestling (or miss the launch) then check out eBay or Amazon for fun.

Can’t get enough wrestling games? Neither can we.

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