WCW NJPW Collision in Korea Day 1 – April 28th, 1995 – Today in Wrestling History

WCW NJPW Collision in Korea

Collision in Korea was something of a weird event. It featured athletes from World Championship Wrestling (WCW) taking on New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). The IWGP World Heavyweight Championship was on the line in the first night. What was unique about this Pay Per View (PPV) event was where it was held. Mayday Stadium, Pyongyang, North Korea. Yeah, that North Korea.

Collision in Korea was a two-night event

Sure, Wrestlemania 36 was a two-night event and it was interesting, but it is not the only PPV to do this. WWE’s biggest night of the year was interesting because they usually don’t do that with PPV events.

In the mid-90’s WCW had a special two-night PPV event in Collision in Korea.

Collision in Korea match card

The first match was Yuji Nagata taking on Tokimitsu Ishizawa

Second match was Akira Hokuto and Bull Nakano versus Manami Toyota and Mariko Yoshida

The third match was Hiro Hase versus Wild Pegasus

Fourth saw Hiro Saito and Masa Chono taking on the team of El Samurai and Tadao Yasuda

2 Cold Scorpio took on Shinjiro Otani in the fifth match

The sixth match featured Kensuke Sasaki versus Masa Saito

The main event of the first night was Shinya Hashimoto reigning IWGP Champion versus Scott Norton.

A few snafus to speak of

It is reported by many that Scott Norton got into hot water for criticizing North Korea. This happened during a phone call to Norton’s wife. I can only imagine the amount of fear all the stars were under, especially Norton.

Another snafu that needs mention is, do not look to the WWE Network to watch this one. Collision in Korea is not available on the Network, one of less than 20 PPV’s the WWE could put up but have not.

Finally, the attendance record that was set. Over 150,000 people were in attendance for the event on the first night. I know, considering their laws and such these spectators could hardly be called fans of the show. The point is a ton of people were watching these matches.

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