American Wrestling Alliance Presents SuperClash II – May 2nd, 1987 – Today in Wrestling History

American Wrestling Alliance SuperClash II AWA

American Wrestling Alliance (AWA) SuperClash II was not a Pay Per View (PPV) like we know today. The reason many of us remember wrestling in the 80’s so fondly is because there was so much competition. There were more than just a couple companies fighting for your attention. Athletes would jump between promotions and even return unexpectedly. Well, unexpectedly because we did not have the Internet and magazine lead times were months long. That is how shows like SuperClash II were able to do what they did.

The SuperClash II card featured many stars

The card was as follows (no spoilers):

The first match saw Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissy take on Buck Zumhofe

Next was D.J. Peterson versus Super Ninja

The third match was the lone women’s match with Sherri Martel (RIP), AWA World Women’s Champion, defend her title against Medusa Micelli (maybe you remember her jump from WWF to WCW later)

Curt Hennig (RIP) challenge for Nick Bockwinkel’s AWA World Heavyweight Championship

Please note, while our articles are as spoiler free as possible, the embedded video below is the full match. 

Fans then got a 6-man tag team match featuring Marty Jannetty & Ray Stevens & Shawn Michaels taking on the team of Buddy Wolfe & Doug Somers & Kevin Kelly.

The lead into the final match of the show saw Jerry Blackwell take on Boris Zhukov

Closing SuperClash II was Jimmy Snuka & Russ Francis taking on a team of characters that would probably not fly today – The Mercenary and The Terrorist.

Location, attendance and additional content

American Wrestling Alliance SuperClash II took place in the Cow Palace located in San Francisco, California. There were nearly 3,000 fans in attendance for this event.

Interestingly, those in attendance for SuperClash II got to watch six other matches. These matches were later interspersed throughout American Wrestling Alliance programming as it aired on television.

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