All Elite Wrestling Meets GTA in Latest Clip

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First, I want to say, I did not make the clip. It was produced by All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and posted to the AEW Facebook page. I simply recorded it for archival and discussion. I also saved a copy because embedding from Facebook to Hive does not work. Therefore, to YouTube it went.

Why no crowds

As you know, the world is going through a pandemic with Coronavirus, aka Covid-19. This has caused all gatherings of large groups to be ended. It is simply too risky, and the government has stopped large gatherings.

That is probably why we see more “out of the ring” stuff going on in AEW right now.

AEW advertising is on point

I am not exactly a huge fan of AEW. A lot of things are just off to me. Couple that with free time being a precious commodity for me and it is easier to see I had to make cuts somewhere. That limits my entertainment options a bit.

I do catch matches and clips featuring athletes I like, or those that gain in popularity on social media. I am only human, if I see it enough, I am going to eventually watch it and see what the fuss is about.

All Elite Wrestling being the “new guy” on the block, they have to think outside the box. Their advertising department has certainly been doing that. They do various things on social media to keep fans engaged and talking. Whoever is behind their advertising deserves a raise.

What you are seeing in the clip

The clip is rather quick and it is hard to understand. First, that is Sammy Guevara running for his life. Sammy is a member of the “Inner Circle” faction – the heels if you will. In the golf cart are two members of the rag tag group that is against the Inner Circle. Driving is “Broken” Matt Hardy. In the passenger side is Kenny Omega.

As you can see in the clip above, AEW have made this into a skit featuring Grand Theft Auto trimmings. I know, there are people just waiting to slam out a vicious attack post about how violent this is. Guess what? Quit complaining you want the “Attitude Era” back, or even 80’s wrestling back, if you think this is violent.

Just sit back and enjoy the show.

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