RetroMania Wrestling Getting More Content Added, Asks Fans for Submissions

RetroMania Wrestling Nikita Koloff Joins

Retrosoft Studios are planning to add more content to RetroMania Wrestling. This is no surprise to those that have followed this games development like we have. If WWE 2K20 is leaving a bad taste in your mouth, then definitely check out RetroMania Wrestling. Kicking it old school gets new meaning here.



RetroMania Wrestling bringing back old school

RetroMania Wrestling, for those that do not know, is the sequel to the 1991 WrestleFest arcade game. This is not just any sequel as Retrosoft Studios are putting in tons of work as well. The launch roster was recently finalized, new modes were added, and even more new content is being added.

There are even multiple arenas and match types available. This is quickly shaping up to be an arcade wrestling game fans dream. That is right, this is not a simulation like what WWE 2K20 was going for. This is an arcade game with action elements galore. If you want simulation wrestling, then check out Fire Pro Wrestling.

You can help with the new content

Over on the Retrosoft Studios Facebook page, they are asking fans for submissions for this new mode. According to their latest update, new content will be available when completing the 10 Pounds of Gold mode.

End stories.

This is something that was popular in the 16-bit and 32-bit days. I believe several WWE games did this.

This is a creative “game over” screen of sorts. It will give you a bit of information on what your wrestler did after winning gold. Some examples Retrosoft Studios used include Razor Ramon taking the WWF championship back to Cuba. Shawn Michaels strutted and played up to the ladies after winning. There are a few more.

That is what Retrosoft Studios are planning to bring to RetroMania Wrestling.

End screens are just fun little screens of text showcasing your characters attitude and such. Things that would be impossible to convey with graphics. If you miss old school wrestling games, so do we.

If you want to help, then head over to the Retrosoft Studios Facebook page. Only the best end screen submissions will get picked so do your best.

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