Matt Riviera Makes Jerry Lawler Retirement Offer at USA Championship Wrestling #102

Jerry Lawler Matt Riviera Jason Jones USA Championship Wrestling Retirement Thunderdome

Matt Riviera and Jerry Lawler are locked in a feud that rivals the old territory days. These two have been going at each other’s throats for years now. This feud has carried over to many states and many partner promotions over the years. Most recently, Jerry Lawler beat Matt Riviera for the CWA Championship in Maumelle Arkansas. In the USA Championship Wrestling promotion, Matt Riviera has made an offer to The King to retire.

A classic rivalry

What is great about this rivalry between Matt Riviera and Jerry Lawler is the build up to each battle. This is not booking like you see on WWE programming. As evidenced in the video below, there is a lot of psychology going on here. There is extraordinarily little physical altercation between the participants – that is saved for the ring.

These two have had battles in the ring, outside the ring, in the “Thunderdome Cage” and more. Matt Riviera, accompanied by Ron Ratcatcher and Boyd Bradford, is performing an interview with Jason Jones.

Jerry Lawler shows up rather quickly and interrupts the proceedings. Partly because The Lover Boy is mocking The King.

Supposedly in the bag held by Boyd Bradford is $50,000 which Lawler can have if he retires. If The King just goes away, the money is his. Of course, Lawler is skeptical of the money being in the bag.

Riviera exhibits some great heel psychology and mannerisms in this video.

Build up to Thunderdome Cage Match

As you see in the video, the rivalry between Jerry Lawler and Matt Riviera could be ending. For anyone wondering what the Thunderdome looks like, their previous match is available on the USA Championship Wrestling network right now. The cost is half that of the WWE Network and includes tons of content, including the No Surrender event where Lawler won Arkansas gold.

It is currently unknown if, and when, a Thunderdome Cage Match will occur between The King and The Lover Boy. We will make sure to update you when we know more.

Until then, let us know your favorite Jerry Lawler or Matt Riviera match in the comments.

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