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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) came to life in 2019 promising a “new league” for wrestling fans. Whether they achieved that goal or not is up to you, the fans. My intent here is to discuss the AEW videogame that was recently announced. The developers behind it are well versed with videogame wrestling so at least there is that. It is no secret that some of the higher ups at AEW are videogame fans. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega being prominent. Aubrey Edwards, AEW referee, is also a former videogame producer.

What we know about the AEW game

I know the burning question you have is who is developing it. Well, it is Yukes. Now, if you are not familiar with them then you are probably not a gamer. They are responsible for most of the popular wrestling games in Japan and North America. From Wrestle Kingdom on PlayStation 2 to the WWE 2K games on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

To say the All Elite Wrestling videogame is in good hands is probably an understatement.

The art style is a little off putting to be honest, hopefully what we see now is placeholder. This is especially apparent with Chris Jericho’s character model. While the man is 50 years old, happy late birthday Chris, he is still in much better shape than this game makes him look.

The other male character we see in the trailer is Kenny Omega. His character model appears to have gone through the WWE Champions workout program.

Not meaning to gripe about either character model but it is clear they are taking liberties here.

All Elite Wrestling gameplay is arcade based

You will have to look fast to catch it but there are clues to the gameplay style we can expect. It seems the AEW videogame is going to be arcade based. How do I know?

There are hit sparks and faster paced gameplay. Neither are indicative of a simulation-based game. You can see the hit sparks when Chris Jericho hits Kenny Omega in the trailer.

I am cool with this personally. While wrestling sim games can be fun, I prefer them to be more arcade action based.

There is currently no release date available. According to PCGamesN, there are more All Elite Wrestling videogame titles in the works. For more wrestling video games head over here.

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