30 Minute Midas Touch Podcast Debuts on YouTube, More Platforms Coming

30 Minute Midas Touch Podcast Golden Boy Greg Anthony

The 30 Minute Midas Touch podcast has just debuted on YouTube. The host, “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, is old school as it gets. Greg Anthony has held probably every position you can in wrestling, in and out of the ring. He is now adding podcasting to his resume. As with all debut productions there are some rough edges but what is here is golden, if you will pardon the pun.

A bit about the Golden Boy

I covered Greg Anthony in one of our nostalgia articles here on Gravis Ludus Wrestling. That is a great starter if you are not aware of Anthony and his career.

The 30 Minute Midas Touch podcast is apparently planned to be around half an hour per episode. Not too long, not too short. This is not set in stone as some shows will surely go over/under that time.

Greg Anthony is one of those athletes that can talk the talk and walk the walk. He is not cookie cutter. Check out his promo for his match against Barrett Brown in Maumelle Arkansas for proof.

You can feel the passion in Anthony’s voice in that promo. You can feel the anger, the weight, of the events that led to this match. That is a promo. Something wrestling companies such as WWE and AEW need to pay attention to. Hell, all wrestling companies need to take notes on this promo.

That is the passion I hope we see on the 30 Minute Midas Touch podcast.

30 Minute Midas Touch podcast Episode 1

This debut episode we get a lot of background on Greg Anthony. We get a chance to peek behind the curtain and hear about Anthony working with Beautiful Bobby Eaton. We learn about making that first impression in wrestling and how out of left field it can happen.

Anthony discusses a lot of behind the scenes tidbits, not enough to ruin the allure of wrestling though. It is like the Golden Boy is guiding us through portions of the locker room without revealing too much.

The 30 Minute Midas Touch podcast is currently only available on YouTube. Other platforms such as iTunes are in the planning stages.

I will do my best to cover future episodes as they are released.

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