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WWF Royal Rumble

WWF Royal Rumble Review on Super Nintendo

Wrestling games are quite a conundrum of gaming. Some developers get it just right while others have trouble figuring out what exactly a “squared circle” is. For the time, LJN’s WWF Royal Rumble for the Super Nintendo was better than the competition of the time. There was not much competition though. This game was released […]

RetroMania Wrestling Nikita Koloff Joins

First RetroMania Wrestling Downloadable Character Announced

Retrosoft Studios are keeping fans of their upcoming RetroMania Wrestling interested. Earlier today the first downloadable character was announced. Considering this is the official sequel to the 1991 arcade game, Wrestlefest, fans have good reason to be excited. The launch roster is already stacked, recently adding two former WWE stars. Now they are adding someone […]

RetroMania Wrestling Nikita Koloff Joins

RetroMania Wrestling Getting More Content Added, Asks Fans for Submissions

Retrosoft Studios are planning to add more content to RetroMania Wrestling. This is no surprise to those that have followed this games development like we have. If WWE 2K20 is leaving a bad taste in your mouth, then definitely check out RetroMania Wrestling. Kicking it old school gets new meaning here.

Shad Gaspard WWE

Former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard Found Dead

It is tragic when anyone passes away, even more so when they leave us as a hero. That is exactly what Shad Gaspard did. For those that do not know, Gaspard was a WWE superstar, first part of a tag team then a singles run.

Total Extreme Wrestling Grey Dog Software

Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 Challenges Simulation Gamers

Total Extreme Wrestling is the opposite of RetroMania Wrestling. While Retrosoft are creating an arcade wrestling game, Grey Dog Software are creating a simulation. Adding to the challenge, you are cast as a new wrestling promoter. That means it is all in your hands. Does your company succeed or fail? Who do you give the […]

John Morrison Johnny Retro Johnny Mundo Johnny Impact Smackdown

RetroMania Wrestling Showcases Johnny Retro Footage

Johnny Retro, aka John Morrison in the WWE, is the star of the latest RetroMania Wrestling footage. Do not worry, the developers (Retrosoft Studios) are already working on slowing that animation down a bit. Johny Retro is just one of several athletes making the launch roster for this upcoming wrestling game.

RetroMania Wrestling Nikita Koloff Joins

RetroMania Wrestling Launch Roster Finalized

Video games and wrestling seem to go together quite well. RetroMania Wrestling is one of the latest such games. This is the sequel to the 1991 WrestleFest game that was only available in arcades. Well, unless you were a gamer outside the United States at the time. Launching later in 2020, this new old school […]

National Wrestling Alliance World Championship

RetroMania Wrestling Adds NWA Ten Pounds of Gold Mode

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) may have new ownership but it still holds respect for heritage. Take the NWA World Championship, it is revered as it should be. Ten Pounds of Gold started as a series of videos with then champion Tim Storm. The series was intended to educate newer fans of the heritage of […]

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Videogame

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Trailer Released

WWE 2K Battlegrounds just might wash that bad taste from WWE 2K20 out of your mouth. The trailer was just released, and it is interesting to say the least. Anyone remember the fun of older wrestling games? Before the developers went hardcore for simulation aesthetics. Back when they were more about being a game than […]

RetroMania Wrestling Nikita Koloff Joins

RetroMania Wrestling Adds New NWA Challenger

If you are not familiar with RetroMania Wrestling, then please allow us to introduce you. This is being billed as a sequel to an arcade game from the early 1990’s. The art style is decidedly “retro” but the content is modern. It seems like every week or so we are getting a new challenger announcement. […]

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