Hard Times Interpromotion Event Planned Involving NWA

NWA Hard Times PPV

NWA Hard Times Pay Per View will feature interpromotional action with Ring of Honor Wrestling. For those new to wrestling, in 2017 it was announced that Billy Corgan had purchased the rights to the NWA wrestling promotion. This deal was in name only as no tape libraries or wrestler contracts were included. Corgan is probably better known as the lead singer for music group Smashing Pumpkins. One thing Corgan promised nearly three years ago was to push wrestling in a new direction. One such “new” direction is working with other promotions – something that is still not all that commonplace.

Fast forward a bit

Nick Aldis, NWA Heavyweight Champion, has had a storied career, one that has allowed the athlete to be put in position to continue feuds old and new. One such feud is with Flip Gordon of Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH). This is a continuation of a feud that Aldis was involved in over the years in an on and off again series – Marty Scurll. Scurll recently made his presence known in NWA on an episode of NWA Powerrr, airing Tuesday nights on YouTube.

Please note, Scurll made his first appearance in NWA at their recent Pay Per View (PPV) event, Into the Fire – available for replay on the Fite app.

Promoting done right

Now, ‘mainstream’ promotions might rush right into a Scurll/Aldis match right away. That is not how things were done back in the day, back when storylines mattered and fans were teased with tidbits before the big payoff.

The NWA and ROH are going old school with this storyline between Scurll and Aldis. The build up is great so far. It seems that Aldis is booked to handles “smaller fish” as might be referred to before finishing off the feud with a Scurll main event.

Aldis versus Gordon will take place at the next NWA PPV, Hard Times. This event will be available on the Fite app on January 24th at 6 pm CST. If you pre-order it is $19.99, if you wait till the day of the show, it will be $24.95.

The NWA will be announcing more matches for Hard Times at a later date.

I want to say, these PPV prices are quite affordable for fans. Especially in light of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) launching their own PPV events at about $40 to $60 depending on your provider.

How to enjoy the Corgan NWA

As mentioned already, you can catch NWA on YouTube on Tuesday night at 6:05 pm Eastern Standard Time. The NWA also embed the show on their Facebook page if you prefer to watch there.

Both Amazon and eBay have National Wrestling Alliance merchandise available for fans as well. We also have more NWA content right here.

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