Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 Challenges Simulation Gamers

Total Extreme Wrestling Grey Dog Software

Total Extreme Wrestling is the opposite of RetroMania Wrestling. While Retrosoft are creating an arcade wrestling game, Grey Dog Software are creating a simulation. Adding to the challenge, you are cast as a new wrestling promoter. That means it is all in your hands. Does your company succeed or fail? Who do you give the push to and who do you fire to balance the books?

Total Extreme Wrestling gives you the keys

This simulation is for all the wrestling fans that watch the shows and think they can do better. You will control who gets the push to the top and the matches put on. Not only that, you will also have to deal with rival wrestling promoters. Will they take your top star who was unhappy over the outcome of that one show? Will you be able to pull an upset and trample them in attendance and viewership?

You have control over everything. When I say that, I mean it. Total Extreme Wrestling appears to be the complete promoters dream. Control who is on the announce team, when the matches will take place, and if it will be at a house show or not.

Do not sit on your butt and wait for success to be handed to you though. Your competition is not waiting.

Simulation fans dream

The focus here is on simulation so graphically, there is not a lot going on here. Total Extreme Wrestling is menu after menu and text upon text. You are going to do a lot of reading. This is a simulation after all. If you want action based gameplay then check out RetroMania Wrestling instead.

The trade off with Retrosoft’s game is a complete lack of control over the business. That game pits you more as an athlete working the shows. This simulation puts you in the shoes of the promoter instead.

If you are an armchair booker then step up and prove you know what you are talking about. Total Extreme Wrestling awaits you.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 by Grey Dog Software
Platform – PC
Genre – Simulation, Wrestling
Rated – Unknown
Available now on the Grey Dog Software website

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