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Deep Impact Reality of Wrestling Impact CrossOver

Potential for All Elite Wrestling Crossover Event with Impact Wrestling is High

Imagine a crossover event between wrestling companies. We may be seeing the start of one. All Elite Wrestling crowned a new champion on their first episode of December for their show Wednesday Night Dynamite. At the end of the night, Don Callis left the arena with the AEW champion. When asked what was going on […]

All Elite Wrestling Logo

All Elite Wrestling Video Game Announced

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) came to life in 2019 promising a “new league” for wrestling fans. Whether they achieved that goal or not is up to you, the fans. My intent here is to discuss the AEW videogame that was recently announced. The developers behind it are well versed with videogame wrestling so at least […]

Jake the Snake Roberts Jake Roberts

Sadistic Jake the Snake Roberts Born – May 30th, 1955 – Today in Wrestling History

It’s been 6 years since Jake was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but on this day in 1955, Jake the Snake Roberts was born. He was one of the most intimidating wrestlers in wrestling back in the day. I could not imagine laying in the Ring and having a huge snake laid on […]

Earl Hebner referee AEW TNA WWE WWF

Storied Referee Earl Hebner Born Today – May 17th, 1949 – Today in Wrestling History

Earl Hebner. If you do not know that name, then I question your interest in professional wrestling. Seriously, non-WWE programming reference this man. From inside jokes to stating “we do not do that here” type announcements, he gets airtime. Let us investigate why that is, today on his birthday.

All Elite Wrestling Logo

All Elite Wrestling Meets GTA in Latest Clip

First, I want to say, I did not make the clip. It was produced by All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and posted to the AEW Facebook page. I simply recorded it for archival and discussion. I also saved a copy because embedding from Facebook to Hive does not work. Therefore, to YouTube it went.

Revival WWE Smackdown Tag Champs

Revival Tag Team Potentially All Elite Wrestling Bound

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been picking and choosing athletes since before officially being launched. This continued after the company got a television deal with TNT. Most recently rumors are saying it will continue with The Revival. This tag team was given “immediate release” from their WWE contracts. Many fans are pointing to AEW as […]

AEW action figures

All Elite Wrestling Action Figures Announced

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) are looking to expand their merchandise options for fans by teaming with Jazwares. These action figures will feature an alleged 25 points of articulation, scanned likenesses and various accessories and authentic ring wear. Currently known as the AEW Unrivaled these figures will launch this fall in several waves.

AEW Fan attacks MJF

Star Goes Off Script on Show Without Scripts, Identity of Fan Attacker Revealed

AEW star goes off script at an All Elite Wrestling event. Maybe you have seen it, maybe not, but recently a “fan” attacked All Elite Wrestling (AEW) stars MJF and Wardlow. The call to action for this event was the fact that Cody Rhodes took 10 lashes with a cane from MJF. This happened on […]

Cesaro with fans

Wrestling Fans Stop Being Toxic and Enjoy the Show

Just enjoy the product. Don’t like what you are watching then why waste your time watching it in the first place? Catch highlights on YouTube later – God knows there are plenty of YouTube channels dedicated to wrestling. About every wrestling company out there and plenty of hub shows that cover it all.

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