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WCW Road Wild 1998 Sturgis South Dakota

WCW Road Wild 1998 Invades South Dakota – August 8th, 1998 – Today in Wrestling History

WCW Road Wild 1998 was just one of several annual showcases of just how wild World Championship Wrestling (WCW) was. WWE did not have anything to compare to outrageous sets and locations that WCW would make use of in the wrestling war. Road Wild was one of a couple “destination” Pay Per Views WCW put […]

Collision in Korea IWGP WCW NJPW Ric Flair Antonio Inoki

WCW NJPW Collision in Korea Day 2 – April 29th, 1995 – Today in Wrestling History

The second day of a two-day event, Collision in Korea, was just as unique as the first. This unique event happened in 1995. The location was Mayday Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea. To say this was probably a one-time event is an understatement.

WCW NJPW Collision in Korea

WCW NJPW Collision in Korea Day 1 – April 28th, 1995 – Today in Wrestling History

Collision in Korea was something of a weird event. It featured athletes from World Championship Wrestling (WCW) taking on New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). The IWGP World Heavyweight Championship was on the line in the first night. What was unique about this Pay Per View (PPV) event was where it was held. Mayday Stadium, Pyongyang, […]

Jay Leno Versus Hulk Hogan Road Wild

Happy Birthday One Time Wrestler Jay Leno – April 28th, 1950 – Today in Wrestling History

You would be well forgiven for not knowing that the famous, former, Tonight Show host Jay Leno was a wrestler. Well, he is billed as having one match, officially. Good enough. Born in 1950 in New Rochelle, New York, Leno’s full name is James Douglas Muir Leno. Leno’s career has been a wild one for […]

Garett Bischoff

Happy Birthday Garett Bischoff – April 20th, 1984 – Today in Wrestling History

We all know Eric Bischoff, the mastermind that took WWE to the four corners of the ring for well over a year. What about his son, Garett Bischoff? His career was predominantly in Total Nonstop Action (TNA) but it spans more than that promotion. Maybe you will recognize the man that trained Garett.

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