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Matt Cardona Zack Ryder WWE

Woo Woo Woo Zack Ryder aka Matt Cardona Born Today – May 14th, 1985 – Today in Wrestling History

Zack Ryder. Matt Cardona. Any of the other ring names he has used. No matter which one you know him by, dude had a certain energy about him. As a fan, I always thought Zack Ryder was going to go far. Now known as Matt Cardona and working the independent scene, fans will see their […]

RetroMania Wrestling Nikita Koloff Joins

RetroMania Wrestling Launch Roster Finalized

Video games and wrestling seem to go together quite well. RetroMania Wrestling is one of the latest such games. This is the sequel to the 1991 WrestleFest game that was only available in arcades. Well, unless you were a gamer outside the United States at the time. Launching later in 2020, this new old school […]

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